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Hi everyone!
Closet Clothes is back! And we’d like to kick off our comeback with a new site! We’ve changed our Tumblr format: from here on out, this site ( will be used purely for Closet Clothes updates (like new products coming out soon or sales), and our new site ( will be used for specifically new super cute thrift clothes we have for really cheap prices (click the photo above to go directly there now).  Hopefully this format will be much less confusing than the one we had before.  & don’t forget to follow it! 
As a reminder, all of the clothes posted on this new website are up for grabs unless otherwise stated in the description area of the post.  You must click on the photo of the piece of clothing you’re interested in in order to find more information (i.e. size, price, brand, & the link to buy).  All transactions concerning our thrift clothes are handled through Paypal and shipping is not included in the price listed. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to contact us here by sending us a question through our ask box, or shooting us an email at

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If you don’t know, now you know.
Swoop these up on our Shop Lately page!  All you have to do is go HERE. Log-in, go to the Store Shelves and click on Closet Clothes on the left hand side!
New bracelets up for sale on our Shop Lately page!  Check out and purchase the Swoon, Verve and Thought bracelets here.
Check out the new BKK Tri-Braid Bracelet!  Closet Clothes has collaborated with our photographer and dear friend, Cole Montgomery, to design a bracelet specifically representing his trip to Thailand.  Cole will be making a return trip to Thailand to help victims of prostitution and human trafficking.  All proceeds fromt he sale of the BKK Tri-Braid will go straight to Cole.  Another great way to show your support; not only for the work Cole will be doing but also for those he will be helping.
Up for purchase HERE
More information can be found HERE and HERE
Hi everyone,
I have re-blogged a post from my personal blog for you all to check out.  Briefly, Cole Montgomery, the one responsible for all of our beautiful photos, will be making a return trip to Thailand to help victims of human trafficking and prostitution with an organization named NightLight International.  In order to pay for his flights, room and board, his trip will rely solely on donation since he will not be compensated for his time there.  
Here’s how you can help: If you are unable to donate we have an alternative for you!  Closet Clothes and Cole have designed the BKK Tri-Braid Bracelet.  All proceeds will go towards Cole’s trip and each bracelet will only cost $5.  This is a great way to support not only Cole but those that he will be helping.  Keep your eyes open!  A post will be coming soon!

Please take a minute to read the information on this card regarding my boyfriend, Cole Montgomery’s, trip to Bangkok, Thailand to help victims of human trafficking.  His position at NightLight will be solely a volunteer position and he will not be compensated for his time there.  He will rely completely on whatever donations he receives to pay for room and board as well as his flight to and from Bangkok.  Cole, as well as NightLight are sincerely dedicated to making some real, lasting and positive changes in the lives of those who are asking for the help.  Your donations not only support him but those that he will be helping.  
If you are unable to make a one time donation at this time, monthly donations (via PayPal) of whatever amount you like are also greatly appreciated.  To donate go here and click the DONATE button on the left-hand side of the page.  
Though I will be sad to see him go, I truly believe in the changes he will be making while in Thailand.  I know no one else as driven as he is to serve a purpose greater than himself and to help those find the resources and learn the skills to help themselves.  
If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail directly at or you can email Cole directly at  More information can be found on NightLight at

Information card regarding my trip. Please repost.

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Closet Clothes has been asked to be one of the 30 merchants on the brand new shopping site  Check out some brand new items as well as some Closet Clothes favorites on our Shop Lately page!  All items are up for sale, more will be coming soon, and check back regularly for an updated sales rack!

Click on the header to go to our Shop Lately page!

Closet Clothes Website!

Hi everyone!  We would like to apologize for the unannounced break we’ve been on, but we’re back!  And we’re super excited about the new site we have!  (Thanks so much to Bryan Fishman at Fishman Creative!) While the complete site is still under construction, click the title to go to our launch page, where you’ll find a space to enter your email for updates on upcoming trends and styles, as well as the launch date!  Don’t be shy!

New items for sale on our Etsy!  Check it out here.
It’s here!  Sun Valley: 2011 Fall Lookbook.  Click the photo to check it out!
hellothurrr: how do we purchase the items that you are selling ? (:

Hey there! 

Depending on what you’re interested in, you can purchase by clicking the respective link on the left column of our blog (“2011 Accessory Catalog” for the Feathered Catalog accessories and “For Sale” for thrift clothes) and once there, clicking on the item you would like.  From there, there should be a button that says “click here to buy me” in the description part of the post (if there isn’t, it’s sold out).  Clicking that will take you directly to your cart, which, from there, you will be able to purchase the item(s) you want through Paypal.  

We will have the items in our recently released Sun Valley Lookbook up ASAP (so be sure to be on the lookout!) but for now, feel free to check out all the items on our Tumblr, as well as our Etsy

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to direct them to our email:



Here it is friends!  Click the expand button below and check out our Fall 2011 Lookbook.  Big thanks go out to our model Caroline Maeda and our photographer Cole Montgomery.  Accessories and clothes should be up soon!

Open publicationMore closet clothes

Drops next week right here!  Keep an eye out!
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